Best Jewelers

The base of establishment of Best Online Jewelers is to make jewelry purchase a simple and pleasant experience for all jewelry lovers. We aim to eliminate any troublesome juggling involved in the search of jewelry you are looking for.

To do this we present you with a list of premier online jewelry stores. We rate these stores on a scale of 1-10 and categorize these ratings based on the following criteria:

  • Best Products: The rating under this head is based on the items (their quality and quantity in type) available on various online jewelry stores.
  • Best Deals: The stores that offer best deals in terms of pricing, discounts etc. fall under this category
  • Best Designs: As the category name suggests rating to stores under this heading will be done on the basis of designs - voguish, trendy, antique, stylish, simple, etc.
  • Best Customer Service: This head comprises of rating given on the basis of the various services like the call center service (Question handling, clarifying capabilities, etc.), convenience in contacting, delivery of products and such others, provided by stores to simplify customers’ purchase.

Note: This is an independent rating site. The comments and ratings given to Online Jewelry Stores are unbiased and free from any kind of influence and/or pressure.