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Proposal Ideas That Fall in Budget

Ready to pop the question? Confused about how to do so? Nervous whether she'll like your idea or not?

If your planning of a big budget proposal is an assurance to you that she'd be pleased then..... rethink. Buddy it's not the budget but good thought and planning that creates a mark. Most memorable proposals are seldom a burden to the pocket.

Need few Ideas that come handy while you decide on how to propose her? Check these out:

  • Why don't you try recreating your first date or the special moment when you said the three golden words to her I LOVE YOU? Make reservations for the same restaurant or make arrangements for foods and wines you had that day, play the same song in your car that was being played that day. And don't forget to put on the same attire. Let it all be the same. MIND YOU all but the errors; don’t spill the wine on her again just coz you did it then. Then in your own way let her know that you recreated the special moment for someone you want to spend the rest of your life with. Then bend to your knees and ask the big question.
  • You can think of a romantic candlelight dinner at home with some soft music. Ask for a dance. To add to the ambience fill the room with balloons. Then for dessert serve the ring, bend to your knees and pop it up MAN!
  • The idea of a candlelight dinner can also be worked out at a restaurant as there are many people to your assistance who help you add up to perfection. You can ask the waiter to write MARRY ME on the dessert plate rim.
  • Get a poster prepared saying "WILL YOU MARRY ME?" and let it have her name on it. Then take her out on a walk directed towards the place where you planned the poster display.
  • You can try the bed-tea proposal. Make arrangements while she's asleep and wake her up with a fervent kiss. Serve bed-tea in a tray decorated with rose petals with the ring and note saying "I would like to spend my life with you". Then just put forth the question.

You can try using any of these or a blend of some or come up with your own originality.


Posted by Alex on 9/02/2008