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The 4 Cs of Diamonds

When buying loose diamonds, or any other diamonds, a buyer should consider the now-famous 4 Cs: cut, color, clarity and carat. These four aspects of grading a diamond allow a buyer to determine its quality. The 4 C's also determine the cost of loose diamonds - and set diamonds. However, a buyer has to determine which of these takes precedence in choosing a diamond.
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Are Diamonds a Good Investment?

Even though the diamond industry looks very complicated on the surface, it actually is very simple. Diamonds are often associated with being precious, mysterious, magical and romantic token of love. Purchased at the right price, diamonds most certainly retain their value; in fact they actually increase in value over time.
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Care For Your Diamonds If You Love Them

Have a problem maintaining your diamond? Your diamond is loosing its brilliance? Worried?

Hand lotions, hair styling products and everyday grime can leave a film on your diamond that keeps it from sparkling.
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Diamonds, not commonly known, occur in all colors of the rainbow - steel gray, white, blue, yellow, orange, red, green, pink to purple, brown, and black. Colored diamonds contain structural defects that cause the discoloration, while pure diamonds are perfectly transparent and colorless.
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Though access to diamond mines is restricted, determined individuals can smuggle diamonds out for sale. Such diamonds are used by rebels to fund conflicts. These illegally traded diamonds used to fund conflicts are called CONFLICT DIAMONDS or BLOOD DIAMONDS. These are used to finance purchases of war such as food, medicines, weapons etc.
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Gemstone per Month

Gemstones are believed to have mystical powers. They are thought to have some connections with stars/sun-signs and bring good luck, health, prosperity, happiness to people of the respective birth sign.
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Glittery Gold

Gold is a precious metal valued by all since ages. In its pure form gold has metallic luster and a sun yellow color, but color can be transformed when mixed with other metals. The color of gold may range from silver-white to orange-red.
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Rose Gold

One of the most common misconceptions about Gold is; Gold appears in all colors. All gold that occurs is Yellow. There are no white, red, green shades of gold available in natural form.
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Pearls - A symbol of purity, innocence, humility and sweetness.

Since ages these beautiful gems have served mankind in form of beauty-adding jewelry pieces.  Their fame reached heights during the Roman times when women were garlanded with pearls.
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Precious Platinum

Platinum, the rarest of precious metals on earth, is a white and pale silver colored metal known for its incredible strength and durability.

It is very easy to transform Platinum into a wide variety of shapes whilst in the pure form. It is, therefore, extensively used in the manufacturing industry.
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