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Precious Platinum

Platinum, the rarest of precious metals on earth, is a white and pale silver colored metal known for its incredible strength and durability.

It is very easy to transform Platinum into a wide variety of shapes whilst in the pure form. It is, therefore, extensively used in the manufacturing industry.

Though, it has great usage, the most common use of Platinum continues to be in jewelry. It was not until the 1800's that Platinum received wide acceptance as a jewelry metal. Many jewelry designers and manufacturers consider Platinum as the most endurable jewelry metal. Platinum is used to produce the finest of jewelry pieces.

It has been recognized that the use of Platinum with gemstones results in increased elegance and beauty of the jewelry facet. Its pure and deep luster and vivid white color magnifies the brilliance of diamonds and most other gemstones. It has, therefore, in recent times grown in popularity as a new choice for Diamond Engagement Rings as it brings out the brilliance of fine diamonds better than gold.

As Platinum offers superior strength and durability as compared to other metals, most famous diamonds of the world such as the Hope Diamond, Jonker Diamond Number One, and Kohinoor are secured in Platinum setting. It gives greater protection to the stone.

Platinum also becomes a preferred jewelry metal as it doesn't cause any skin allergies because of its purity.

Owing to its beauty and value in quality, Platinum has become the ultimate expression of all celebrations.

Posted by Alex on 3/03/2008