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Jewelry for Men!!!!

Until a few decades ago, the concept of men's jewelry would have been very unappealing! But that is not the case now! Men's jewelry has become very popular in recent times and there are jewelers who cater exclusively to this section! This was the result of the trend of metro sexuality being sported by a lot of men! This metro sexuality affected the fashion industry including the clothesline and jewelry. Fashion designers started coming out with clothes and jewelry for men which might have looked feminine to our grandparents but not to the "generation-X", as they are called!

In place of a titanium or sterling silver bands that were formerly used, designers started coming out with men’s gold bands and even platinum bands. These were promoted in a huge fashion and it came to a stage where you would not have found a single man in town without one of these rings.

When talking about men's jewelry, another major revolution took place in this stratum. This was the introduction of diamonds in men's jewelry. Diamonds which were originally considered the best friend of a woman started becoming close to men as well. Men started sporting diamonds in rings and even bracelets and necklaces in almost all the product launches of the famous jewelry designers. The echelon of "Men's Diamond Rings" popularized. Men's gold wedding bands soon saw the introduction of diamonds in them and thus created another division to be catered namely, "Men's Diamond Bands". Diamond rings have now become a common occurrence amidst men.

The era experiencing such drastic changes with men’s jewelry also witnessed the shift from titanium bracelets to gold bracelets, often bejeweled with diamonds. The latest addition to this changing fad is the induction of rubber to stainless steel bracelets. Fashion fiestas have taken this concept to peaked popularity. Stainless steel and rubber bracelets have now come to be associated with the cult.

All of us have seen diamonds being sported in the men's jewelry line of all the popular jewelry brands. In point of fact, it is the trendiest thing and most ‘in’ thing right now. So all those men who were contemplating of buying a piece of diamond jewelry can go ahead and buy it without any kind of doubt about its acceptance in the fashion industry!

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Posted by Catherleen on 6/05/2008