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Rose Gold

One of the most common misconceptions about Gold is; Gold appears in all colors. All gold that occurs is Yellow. There are no white, red, green shades of gold available in natural form.

The various colors of gold available in the market are alloys of gold. Different metals in varying proportions are mixed with gold to obtain different colors.

Gold alloys that appear red, pink or rose are nothing but pure, yellow gold mixed with copper that gives the rosy hue to the metal. Copper is typically added to all forms of gold jewelry facets as gold in its pure form is very soft to be used as jewelry. Copper give strength and ductility to gold.

It is very easy to produce Rose gold. All that needs to be done is to increase the proportion of copper. To maintain correct proportion of gold the silver content is reduced. This reduces the cost as copper is less expensive than silver.

Now the main question: what is the difference in Red, Pink and Rose gold?

The simplest of answers to this question would be..... NOTHING. They are basically the same. The only difference is in the copper content. More the copper content rosier the hue and deeper the effect. Rose and Pink gold refer to lighter tones where as red gold refers to deeper, warmer tones.

Rose gold is measured in carats. The highest version of rose gold is known as Crown Gold which is 22k.

The color being a symbol of love and romance, Rose Gold continues to remain popular among women with engagement rings.

Posted by Alex on 6/02/2008