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Gold is a precious metal valued by all since ages. In its pure form gold has metallic luster and a sun yellow color, but color can be transformed when mixed with other metals. The color of gold may range from silver-white to orange-red.

The purity of gold is measured in Karats, 24 karat being the purest of all comprises of 100% gold. The other values in the descending order are:

  • 18 karat - 75% gold
  • 14 karat - 58.3% gold
  • 10 karat - 41.7% gold

Today, gold is used as a means of monetary transactions, in allied wares, electronic appliances, medical and chemical fields, etc. It is lavishly used in decoration.

In spite of the extensive usages, the most common use of gold is as a facet of jewelry adding to the beauty of body. There might have occurred variations in the form, design and color but the metal remains the same. The use of white gold instead of yellow gold in jewelry is the vogue.

Other than the uses, gold has its merits to be purchased. Suggested below are a few of them:

  • Gold has real monetary value. It is not like buying stocks.
  • While paper currencies have declined in value or disappeared, the worth of gold never perishes.
  • Gold servers as a Storehouse of wealth.
  • It is a portable asset that comes handy in case of emergencies and bad economic times.

Due to its beauty, imperishable nature and ability to be transformed into exquisite objects, gold continues to hold the highest and most popular position among metals

Posted by Alex on 6/02/2008