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Loose Diamonds Still the Sign of Royalty

For thousands of years diamonds have symbolized wealth, love, power, spirit and magical powers. It was believed that diamonds were the fragments of stars and the teardrops of the Gods. Diamonds were believed to possess magical qualities of Gods which were beyond the understanding of ordinary human beings. Precisely, all those who possessed diamonds were believed to be the owners of extraordinary and mystical powers!

Till the 15th century, only kings wore diamonds and that too only to wars where the diamonds were studded on their leather breast plates. The concept of diamond jewelry evolved much later when the technology to cut diamonds into the complex faceted forms was developed. With this development loose diamonds transformed into diamond jewelry, became slightly more affordable and thus, common among the ordinary people.

Over the past 2 decades, diamond jewelry has become very popular among the masses; and the popularity peaks are witnessed most in the stratum of engagement rings. But are loose diamonds that popular amongst common people? I doubt so! We have heard of celebrities and other socialites buying loose diamonds and that too in bulk to have them embedded on their accessories like shoes, handbags and even the dog collars for their darling pooches! But how many of us can go out there and get loose diamonds at least to have a customized engagement ring? I am sure not many!

Hence, though diamonds symbolize an unbreakable bond and all of us would love to get one for our loved ones, we settle for a piece of diamond jewelry rather than a 3 carat certified loose diamond of ideal cut and FL clarity. This is not because our loved ones are not worth it, but just because we can’t afford it!

But if you happen to be one of those lucky ones who can afford to buy loose diamonds, the best place I can suggest to get those exclusive ones is Here you will find certified loose diamonds of your choice and specifications and can also get it shipped to any place in the US.

Posted by Catherleen on 6/05/2008