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Certified Loose Diamonds

Diamonds are quite well known in the form of rings, necklaces and bracelets. But are they equally popular as loose stones? The reaction to this a few years ago would have been negative! But loose diamonds are gaining a lot of attention lately. Was this popularity attained out of the blue? Definitely not!

Loose diamonds gained their popularity out of two reasons. Firstly because people demand for jewelry that reflects their style and this is possible only if it is made according to their likes and needs. So personalized jewelry is what people are seeking these days. Especially when it comes to engagement rings or wedding bands, they do not want it to be just as normal as any other ring. Second reason is that loose diamonds are a better form of investment than a piece of diamond jewelry. Loose diamonds, or any category of gemstones for that matter, will fetch you much more than what you invested in it!

In spite of all these, there is a very important factor that every potential buyer would want to keep in mind before their purchase. This is to see that they buy certified diamonds. Many might come up with an argument about the certification factor. I say it is very important because a diamond without the certification from any of the recognized gemological institutes like GIA, IGI or the likewise, is of zilch value. A certificate marks the credibility of loose diamonds. Most importantly, you would face problems insuring your diamond without a valid certificate and it would also be very difficult for you to sell it away at a later date, if the need arises! is an online loose diamonds and jewelry portal offering an extensive range of certified loose diamonds to select from. The diamonds offered are certified by laboratories recognized worldwide such as the GIA, AGS, EGL, HRD and the like.

Posted by Catherleen on 6/05/2008