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Care For Your Diamonds If You Love Them

Have a problem maintaining your diamond? Your diamond is loosing its brilliance? Worried?

Hand lotions, hair styling products and everyday grime can leave a film on your diamond that keeps it from sparkling.

This article is intended to bring back the sparkle to your diamond. Here are a few easy to follow tips that will prove to be of immense use to help retain shine and luster of your diamond:

  • In a warm solution of mild detergent say Ivory dishwashing liquid and water, soak your diamond jewelry.
  • A soft brush is a perfect choice to get rid of any extra dirt on the facet.
  • Swish the jewelry around in the solution and rinse it thoroughly in warm water.
  • Dry the facet with lint-free cloth.

You can keep your diamond in utmost condition by keeping just a few points in mind:

  • Make sure your diamonds are not being part of your rough work.
  • Jumbling of diamond facets in the drawer or jewelry case is not a good idea.
  • Get your diamonds checked by your jewelry at least once a year.

Posted by Alex on 4/02/2008