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The 4 Cs of Diamonds

When buying loose diamonds, or any other diamonds, a buyer should consider the now-famous 4 Cs: cut, color, clarity and carat. These four aspects of grading a diamond allow a buyer to determine its quality. The 4 C's also determine the cost of loose diamonds - and set diamonds. However, a buyer has to determine which of these takes precedence in choosing a diamond.

Cut is different from shape. Shape concerns whether the diamond is round, emerald-cut, or pear-shaped. The cut of a diamond has a great deal to do with how it looks to the naked eye - how it sparkles. Buyers should look for cuts that are rated at least "good".

Color determines how much yellow tinge is present in the diamond. Some diamonds in the "H-J" range may appear nearly colorless, but much "warmer" than diamonds with less color. They are also usually less expensive.

Clarity refers to flaws or "inclusions" in the diamond. These grades range from the very rare flawless to "slightly included".

Carat is often thought to regard size, but in reality, it refers to weight. Of course, a heavier diamond is usually a larger one, but carat does strictly mean weight.

Before purchasing a loose diamond or a diamond jewelry piece, it is important to learn these aspects of diamonds so that you can determine the exact worth of your expenditure.

Posted by Alex on 2/02/2008